Window Treatment Ideas for Living Room Interiors

Window treatment ideas for living room designs should be shared more often. Not everyone knows what to do with their windows. A lot of homeowners are under the impression that any curtain will do but when you look at interior decorating closely, you’ll learn that every decorating element is important. Every element should equally be given attention in order to accomplish a cohesive and unified look in the room.

Not known to a lot of people, curtains can have a big impact in the room interior design. It can pull the look together just as how small accents and home decors can. Aside from covering the window, curtains have different functions. There are different types of curtains that can cater to your needs. Learn more about them to be able to make better decisions when decorating your rooms.

window treatment ideas for living room

How to choose the right design from different window treatment ideas for living room interiors?

It’s important to know the different types window treatment ideas for living room interiors before you can choose the right type and design of window treatment. To give you a little information about the designs, here’s a quick run-through:

Rod-pocket drapes are curtains that are made with a casing on the top so it can slip over a curtain rod. It usually uses sheer fabric and is a common curtain design used. Tab-top curtains have loops on the top which is where the rod goes in. Both types do not need curtain rings.

Ring-top drapery is similar to shower curtain designs. This design is ideal when you want the curtain rod to add accent to the room. Grommet-top curtains have rings embedded on the top of the curtain and it is where the rod passes through. This design is ideal for modern interior designs.

small living room window treatment ideas

Blackout drapery is used to keep heat and cold out of the rom. They can keep the sun out as well because of its extra lining. Sheer curtains on the other hand allow light to enter the room but provides a decent level of privacy. Window scarves are used as additional décor to existing curtains. They’re draped over the curtain to give a luxurious look. There are also different lengths you can choose from depending on the size of your window and the look you’re trying to achieve. For example, a floor length curtain can add drama in the room ambiance. Curtains that pool on the floor gives a romantic touch and so on.

Modern window treatment ideas for living room updates:

For some fresh window treatment ideas for living room designs, you can use modern stripes for your curtain designs. Simple panels are popular because they’re the easiest window treatment option. You can use wider stripes for a modern look or use contrasting hues. It’s also a nice way to incorporate another color in the living room interior.

living room window treatment ideas

If you have a tray ceiling in the living room, you may want to consider hanging brocade curtains. It’s simple yet very elegant in appearance. Another option is to use different shades of one color for the curtain. Another ideas is to avoid using uniformed curtains. Multiple windows don’t need to have identical curtain designs. You can diversify the curtains but stick to a single theme. For example, stick to a color palette but choose unique patterns or pictures. You can also update your living room by using curtains that have graphic prints or large floral prints. Black and white is popular among window treatment ideas for living room today and can also be used for window treatment ideas for sliding doors.


Contemporary Living Room Ideas under a Budget

When you look at contemporary living room ideas, you’re looking a style of decorating that encompasses a range of different styles developed in the latter part of the 20th century. It’s different from what we know as modern interior decorating style. It’s softer and it has more rounded lines compared to modern designs. It’s a great style often used for its unique elements.

living room contemporary design ideas

Important elements when making contemporary living room ideas:

To get contemporary living room ideas right, there are a few elements you need to get right. This style of decorating relies heavily on brown, taupe, pure white and cream. It uses tone-on-tone color palettes and relies on accents to bring in shots of color. For example, rugs or wall hangings with striking colors.

Furniture style of contemporary interiors has clean lines and smooth surfaces. It doesn’t rely much on carvings or adornment. As for the color of furniture pieces, light-colored woods are preferred like maple and birch. Frosted and clear glass is also preferred, as well as nickel, chrome and stainless steel.

In terms of fabric found in the upholstery or window treatments, silk, wool, cotton and linen are preferred due to their textural aspect. They’re also used in neutral hues but you may find designs that use bold colors for rugs, pillows or other small living room decors. This design may also incorporate fabric that has geometric patterns to add design to the majorly neutral room design.

As for lighting, this is usually used to make a statement in the home interiors. Recessed and track lighting are among the popular types used for this style of decorating.

contemporary living room ideas

Executed samples of contemporary living room ideas that can update the look:

A lot of contemporary living room ideas use small pieces of the living room decor to incorporate colors in the living room ideas. You can easily update the room by tossing pillows into the interior. Use bold colored fabrics for the pillow covers and this can give your living room a face lift. That’s going to cost under $100 to change pillow covers. If you’ve got a bigger budget, you can get a graphic rug to make a big statement. It’ll stand out because it’s the opposite of the tone-on-tone color palette used on the walls, floor and furniture.

For an easy and cost-free update, re-arrange your furniture. Change the layout of your living room. You can create an intimate seating area by simply pulling off two single chairs to the side. Take the sofa off the wall if your space allows and you can give the room a whole new feel. Contemporary living room ideas can easily be executed in your home when you know the basic decorating elements.

contemporary living room decorating ideas

Guide on Buying Living Room Sets for Sale

Diligence is important when searching for living room sets for sale. Furniture is an important part of every home interior. It takes up a significant space in the house and the most part; it helps each room serve its function. For example, living room furniture provides seating which is crucial when you receive guests; dining room furniture makes the dining experience of the family more comfortable. Every house needs furniture, whether it’s a chair, a table, a cabinet or a drawer, it serves a big purpose. And because it makes up for a big portion of our interior designs, it’s important that we make the right decisions when buying furniture. There are a lot of factors we need to consider like style, cost and quality. Furniture is not cheap. It’s not something everyone can afford to replace regularly.

With that said, shopping for furniture should not be taken lightly, especially if you want something that will last for years to come. Think of it as an investment. It increases the value of your home, provides functional purpose and helps in making the interior look beautiful. Surely, you too would take the time to find the right furniture pieces.

living room sets on sale

Where to find living room sets for sale

There are a lot of sources for living room sets for sale. If you’re set upon looking for something that is high-quality, you can stick to well-known brands in the furniture industry. Known brands will cost a lot more than department store furniture but you can be sure of its quality. However, if you’re on a budget and can’t afford luxury furniture brands, there’s always the option to buy discount living room sets. You can search for sellers whose products come straight from the warehouses. You also have the option to buy surplus living room sets or furniture factory outlets. Your options vary but you’ll surely find something that’ll match the price range you can afford. Another idea to cut costs is to buy secondhand living room sets.

living room sets for sale

What to look out for when buying second hand living room sets for sale

Buying second hand living room sets for sale isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When you know what to look out for and how to get the best from second hand furniture, you can still make a good investment. When checking out secondhand products, always try out the product first. Check if it works. For furniture, open the drawers and check the handles, legs, arm rests, etc. See how much damage or wear it has. Test it out. Sit on it or push it just to see if every piece is intact.

One thing that a lot of buyers fail to check when buying secondhand is the scent of the product. Don’t base everything on appearance. Furniture can carry odors from past owners. So consider whether the previous owner was a smoker or had pets. Check for the construction of the furniture pieces. For couches, be wary of mesh support or those that have Styrofoam peanuts for cushions. These are cheap materials and won’t last very long.

living room furniture sets on sale

When you find furniture pieces made from hardwoods, try not to pass up the opportunity to own good-quality furniture. Hardwood lasts longer when taken care of. Avoid soft woods like pine lumber because you want something durable. It may be second hand but it’s a new addition to your home and if you’re just starting out a family, your living room furniture should last for years to come. When buying living room sets for sale, steel furniture sets will make a great secondhand  because they’re sturdy and don’t get a lot of wear and tear when compared to wooden furniture.

Creative and Beautiful Colorful Living Room Ideas

colorful living room ideas

Decorating with colorful living room ideas can give your home a bright and energetic ambiance. The living room is where you normally entertain guests. It’s also the room where the family gathers to play, watch or do fun activities. Keep it interesting by moving away from traditional living room colors and adding more bright colors in the interior.

Colorful living room ideas you can do:

Add patterns to the living room interior. You can incorporate these patterns through the wall paper. If you have white walls, use patterned window treatments so the white walls can serve as a canvass to the bright colors. You can also use patterned rugs to add interest to the floor. For the furniture, choose solid fabrics with different colors that can stand out from the room interior. It can become a focal point if the color is very vibrant and different from the living room colors.

very colorful living room ideas

For homeowners who aren’t comfortable with too many colors you can accessorize and incorporate the colors through the décor. It’ll only give hints of colors but it has a nice impact to the room interior. This works very well when you have neutral colored walls because it’ll make the decorations pop and stand out. By simply changing the décor, you can give the room an instant face lift.

For neutral colored rooms, you can stick to more neutrals. The only difference is that you choose another color on the opposite of the color wheel. For example, a brown colored living room can be enhanced with pinks. Pink looks great against browns and tans; you still get that touch of color while keeping your neutral color palette in the living room interior.

colorful living room interior

You can also choose accent pieces that will really stand out. Vibrant yellow furniture, rug or artwork can give the room an excellent focal point. It doesn’t overwhelm the eye when you use it in moderation but it achieves that splash of color that can brighten the room. You can also opt of choose two bright colors and use them to balance each other out. There are a lot of color patterns that can help balance each other while complementing the current living room colors. The key to adding colors to the living room is choosing the ones that make you comfortable. Incorporate them in furniture, living room decors or other small items. Colorful living room ideas can also mean painting the walls with a burst of colors.

Rustic Living Room Ideas for a Country Home

rustic living room ideas

Using rustic living room ideas can help give your home interior that country-feel that you want to achieve. Rustic style of decorating has been associated with shabby-chic but it’s actually very different. Think of shabby chic as its feminine counterpart. Rustic style of home decorating is very masculine in appearance. It gives off this rough and edgy appearance which you can easily imitate by getting the right elements into the home interior.

If you’re decorating the living room with this style, it’s important that you get the right characteristics. Rustic style is inspired by lodge décor. You should see heavy leather furnishings. There should be a lot of wood, different types and on a lot of areas; walls, floor, décor, etc. You can add modern touches to your home interior if you want it to suit your lifestyle. But basically, here are a few elements you should have.

rustic home design

Important elements for rustic living room ideas

Mentioned earlier, you need to have a lot of wood. Raw wood gives the rustic look a better appeal. Get varieties of wood so you can create texture from the different wood grain patterns. Also, avoid putting varnish or paint on the wood surface because the natural wood grain patterns will give a nice touch to the rustic living room design. You can use wood for your furniture, walls or flooring. If you have exposed wood beams, it’ll create an authentic touch to the interior style.

rustci living room country ideas

For fabric, use natural and unprinted fabrics. Use linens, canvas, animal skins or burlap. Incorporate these fabrics into the interior through window treatments, table runners, upholstery, carpets or wall decors. If you can find simple rugs made from sea grass, animal fur, jute or other natural materials, it’ll complement the exposed wood in the room as well.

As for the choice of colors for paint on walls or other materials, go for neutral shades so it won’t overwhelm the wooden appearance of the room. You want to put the attention to the wood patterns and the raw look of the room. If you find that these tips make your living room dark, you can incorporate light tones through sofa pillows or small accents. Decorating with these rustic living room ideas should give you that rough appearance but warm and cozy ambiance that will give your home a very welcoming feel.