Indian Living Room Colors for Romantic Style

Indian living room colors are adorable since they can present the nice eclectic ideas. You can deliver the exotic feeling if you combine different shades of jewel tones in the room. The seating area in the room can be in neutral colors like white and tan. The accessories in the living room can be treated in bold shade. For instance, you can set an off white colored sofa on the living room. Adorn the sofa by having red colored ethic print toss pillows. The home owners who want to enjoy a casual look can pick the seating area made from rattan or wicker.

You can decorate the Indian room with ethnic accessories. You can go with hand painted painting located on the wall. An ethic table can bring fabulous effect in the living room. If you want a bright feeling on the furniture pieces, you can have an Indian styled hardware. The lamps for the Indian living room colors should be bright and fascinating. You can have them in ruby red and emerald green. The bases for the lamps should come in exotic style. You can have it made in rustic terracotta, woven wicker, cast resin palm tree, elephants, tiger and porcelain ginger jars. Pick the one suitable with your personal preference. Contemporary Indian Living Room InteriorIndian Living Room with Fireplace Indian Living Room Furniture Ideas Indian Living Room Colors Traditional Indian Living Room Decor Cozy Indian Living Room Colors

If you need more storage area in the Indian living room, you can use the travel related pieces like an old carved chest or steamer trunk. If you want gracious style, you can add an ethnic ottoman. It can be used as storage space and an end table in the room. The floor looks wonderful is a nice area rug. You can purchase a faux animal printed area rug. If you want grandeur look you can have a handmade or oriental area rug. It will be fun if the Indian area rug for your Indian living room colors is made from cotton dhurrie or wool.Indian Living Room Black White Colors